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P eople invest heavily into their eyeglasses, not only in a financial sense of the way but also give out a fair share of their time selecting the best frame and lens color that suits their personality. And when they finally receive the notification from their optician that their glasses are ready, it is a moment of joy for them. But when some time has passed, and their previous glasses are worn out and scratched up, they would barge back into their optician's shop to repeat the process all over again.

Why should you care for your eyewear?

It is a costly process and a time-consuming endeavour to repeat it again and again, but what if someone was to tell you that you won’t have to buy new glasses every time and that there are ways you can care for your present ones and make them last longer? That would be astonishing, and that is why we have the following detailed tips for you to follow regarding the care for your Yvonne Eyewear or other eyeglasses.


Always consider rinsing your glasses before wiping them with a dry cloth with ample quantity of water as this way, all the dirt and dust will fly right off. If you do use a dry cloth without rinsing, then the chances of abrasions becoming apparent on the whole glass are vivid as dust or dirt particles will get scratched across the shiny glass surface.

Clean with specific cleaning sprays

If you have to use cleaners or sprays on your glasses, you are advised to use those specifically made for eyeglass lenses. Never use other chemically active cleaning sprays that you might find in your home or office because these could consist of chemicals such as ammonia, which would erase the coating of the lens and would destroy your glasses including Yvonne Eyewear or any other blue light blocking glasses.

Do use the right cloths

Using the right cloth to clean your glasses is paramount. Not only this, but you must also refrain from using ordinary cloths such as towels, tissues or any sort of napkins to begin with. These elements have a textured surface and can therefore damage your lens's integrity, which is why it is recommended to use a clean and microfiber cloth for supreme cleaning results. For Yvonne Eyewear it is best to use the microfiber cloth that comes with the glasses.

Storing them properly

Whenever you are not using your glasses, you are advised to store them in proper places. This will help you keep the dust and dirt away from the gals themselves and keep them from getting broken or bent at the very least. When not being used, try to always keep them in the case that came with the glasses .

Final thoughts

Caring for your glasses, is a serious activity, but it is far less complicated and intimidating than having to get a new pair of glasses from scratch. That is why it is important that you implement the tips mentioned above to save you time and money.