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Frequently Asked Questions

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About Glasses

We work as hard as we can to keep our virtual shelves fully-stocked, though sometimes we do sell out of a popular frame or color. If a frame is sold out for an extended amount of time, an anticipated restock date will be listed on the product page.

At the moment the glasses are not sold with prescription in them. But you can take the glasses to an optometrist to get prescription put in them.

Blue Light

Emitted by the light from our screens, Blue Light has the highest energy wavelengths on the visible light spectrum. Similar to how UV-light overexposure harms our skin, Blue-Light overexposure may lead to eye discomfort and irritation (think: eye strain, dry eyes, eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches). Blue Light may also suppress melatonin secretion - the neurotransmitter that tells our minds and bodies to power off at night - which is why it could be harder to fall asleep after spending hours in front of our screens every day.

That’s where we come in! Yvonne Eyewear's virtually clear lenses are designed to filter Blue Light  - specifically, the highest energy wavelengths in the 380-440 nm range.

Humans are not meant to stare at digital screens (whether laptops, monitors, phones, tablets, or TVs) all day long. Our eyes are at rest when we’re looking 20 feet away. In front of our computer though, we're staring 18-24 inches away for long periods of time. This could overwork the ciliary muscle in the back of our eye, which is constantly spasming back and forth to adjust to the close viewing.

As a result, many ophthalmologists, optometrists, and researchers point to the potential negative effects that computer screens could have on our vision and health. This includes Digital Eye Strain (also known as Computer Vision Syndrome) - which may encompass a variety of symptoms like dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, eye fatigue, and neck and back pain. Yvonne Eyewear's lenses are specially designed to filter most impactful ranges of Blue Light, while eliminating glare to help combat these negative and uncomfortable effects.


Because we sell exclusively online, we offer a 30-day return policy after the delivery of your order! We offer returns, and exchanges if you decide a different frame style would fit you better or want to change to a different frame color. At the bottom of the page click Returns & Exchanges to began this process.


We ship worldwide.

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